Monday, July 04, 2005


Today is the first day I've been out of the house in three days. After coming back from Sagada and Besao last weekend, I came down with what i think to be strep throat. I feel fine now, but I've still got a pretty congested cough. The day Rachel and I left for Sagada, we got caught in a crazy hard rain storm. Of course, we got soaked, and everything in our backpacks got pretty wet too. I had a dry pair of shorts to put on once I got to Corey's, but later that night I froze b/c I didn't have any dry pants to sleep in and I didn't bring any socks. gets cool here, we're in the mountains. It especially gets cool at in the 50s I guess. Corey stayed out late drinking with some of his friends, and I didn't exactly feel comfortable rummaging through his stuff for a pair of socks. Rachel didn't have any socks either.
Its a good thing I haven't been to my school in a few days though. Turns out a freshman died yesterday from Meningococcimia. I'm not exactly sure what that is, I haven't looked it up on the internet yet, but, from what my super told me, its a bacterial infection...a staf infection I guess? It brings about the same symptoms as denge, which are headache, fever, rashes (due to bursting capiliaries), and delirium. I talked to the peace corps doctor about it. She said that we PC volunteers were vaccinated for it. When we first got here...we endured like a million shots over a period of about a month a half. I feel pretty well innoculated. I think I'll still stay home tomorrow anyway though...just to be on the safe side. Doesn't really matter how many "work" days I miss. I can't exactly get fired. hehe. I've actually accomplished alot of reading these past three days that I otherwise would have been too distracted to accomplish had I been at school. Plus, I made some headway on this cute little power point presentation I'm going to present to the computer teachers and anyone else who wants to listen next week. Its called, "The 3 Phase Complete Windows Reinstallation Course...because you can only troubleshoot a buggy computer for so long." Yeah, long title. Actually, the "because" part isn't really part of the title...but I think it adds a little flave-ah. I'll post it when I finish with it I guess...incase anyone ever needs to teach a session on reinstalling windows. There are three computer teachers at the highschool...and one office worker who would like to know more about computers. She watches me pretty closely everytime I'm swapping parts and stuff. So I'll ask her if she wants to attend as well. None of the teachers know how to reinstall an OS, so I figure, the sooner I go over the steps, the sooner I can delegate the task of reinstalling to I can move on to bigger and better thangs...and then delegate THOSE bigger and better things to them...and so the cycle goes.
Not much else to comment on, since I've been staring at my mosquito net for the past three days. Oh, yeah, I sleep inside a mosquito net. hehe. It caps my bed like a cage. It took a little while to get used to, but now, I think its pretty cozy. Alot of Philippinos use them here. Just one extra thing you can do to try to avoid malaria. Mosquitos that carry Malaria bite at night...mosquitos that carry denge bite during the day.
moma, ie, beetlenut, is a red chewy nut. People chew it here like tobacco. Its addictive, It stains the entire mouth red, and ruins the teeth. You'll find red stains all over the ground here, and signs all over the place saying, "no spitting of moma here." Here's a link to a pic of what beetlenut does to your teeth...


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Bacterial Meningitus, nasty stuff, contagious, deadly if untreated. I'm sure you are vaccinated against it. it is a big issue for college students here now due to close living conditions. Sorry to hear that you have been sick, enjoy your reading.


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